The Sale Sharks Boss Is Proud Of Their Win

Steve Diamonds, the boss of the Sale Sharks team, is understandably happy that the team was able to beat their opponent team Newcastle and was able to secure a place in the European league.

There are pictures all over the forums and blogs that detailed the match held between these two clubs. Joe Ford was a key player who kicked the right penalties that helped his team to beat Newcastle.

Sale director was happy that Joe Ford had kicked the two crucial penalties in the second half that helped the team beat their opponent team. It has also helped Sale to secure a place in the European Champions Cup. Sale secured their win at a score of 21-15. The win of the team was at Kingston Park. It also helped the Sharks to secure the sixth place in the upcoming Premiership next season. Exeter then hammered Harlequins which in turn secured the sixth position for the Sharks.

Diamond stated, on behalf of the team that, they had come to win and it was something they succeeded in doing. The game, however, was not an easy one to win. Joe was able to get on the vital kicks in place. There was a breech when Mike Haley as injured and it did create a difference for the team in the second half of the match. Newcastle was unable to live with the team, but fair play was important. The opposing team did get back and put in their best efforts. They did make it difficult for the Sharks every time. The opposing team did score from time to time and hence, the Sale team did not have it easy. With the win Sale gets to represent the northern region. They also hope that Newcastle will be standing beside them in future games.