Skills of Charlie Hodgson wins it for Saracens

Man-of-the match Charlie Hodgson of Saracens gets the ball when from the covers Danny Capriani covers. The Saracens had a box ticking exercise. It was the initial game of the home with win over the bonus point. Owen Farrell seemed fine and will take few weeks to come back. Early withdrawal of Brad Baritt is not so much to be concerned about. Mark McCall stated that in the first half the fundamentals of the team were good.

The opponents were blown out because the scrum was under pressure particularly. In the first half they were really hungry but the second half proved to be fatal but the second half was no match for it. They however give credit to the Sales. It was because of the five points which made the Saracens move ahead. The strain of thigh put Owen Farrell in a minor position. Barritt was also left out later due to minor injury but it was Saracens all the way not missing a single beat of the din. Sale was trailing from 10-0 deficit. The early try of Alex Goode went in vain. Saracens was guided to at all the good places by Hodgson and Goode. Sale was at the scrum during half time.

Steve Diamond pointed out that in the initial phase they were completely devastated. They could not win at the scrum because they were not with the ball. Second half was bit different. Bonus points were won by them. They were beaten and they accepted it. The result was fair. The team of Sale looked lively but they did not have the slightest intention that they would win. Things were simple from the side of Saracens. Bonus points were being heralded by them. They moved to top position.