Sale Sharks To Step Up

Sale Sharks faced a game with Exeter Chiefs recently, a week ago where they had a fourteen point lead that slipped from their hands.

However the team has not given up yet as they have four final games of the Aviva Premiership league to play for this season.

Denny Solomona continues to be an asset for the team, though his recent agreement to transfer to England might mean that Sale would soon lose his talents. In the game against Exeter he was able to give the team a lead of 19-5 within half an hour of the game starting off. George Nott however, feels that they can carry such leads through and what happened in Sandy Park was simply a one off for the team. From their performance in the game against Exeter what is apparent is the need to hold on through the duration of the game. Their opponent had fought back later and secured a semi final on home grounds. The Sale Sharks have completed three consecutive games without a win. They would now be heading for their next game against the Worcester Warriors.

Nott is one of the several talents of the game. His role as a forward and being about 21 years of age makes him enthusiastic about the future of the team where he is a recent addition, especially for the Aviva Premiership rugby league this year. He is quick to point out that the Exeter game was on the verge of being won which definitely makes the loss a disappointment for the team more than anyone else. There has been a break that might have affected their momentum, but as the game against Worcester comes up the team will spruce up and get back in action. Fans can look forward to more energy on the field next time.