Sale Sharks Has Talented Players On Offer

Sale Sharks has been going great guns.

They are being taken over by a new management that will hopefully invest new funds and help the team to reach top position in rugby across the continent. Sale Sharks has some great players on the team. George Nott is one such player who played a key role in the Under 20 championship of the country. The launch of the championship tournament was in style thanks to players like George Nott of Sale Sharks.

If you have followed the match you would have witnessed how George, in the role of a flanker, helped to score in the opening try. The game had been held at the Manchester City Academy stadium. Here the hosts were successful in overpowering Italy at a score of 48-10. The campaign kick started in a great way as a result of the opening try.

George Nott represented England in the game and was a member of Sale Sharks. The impact that he created in the game was large. He has gained the status of a starlet due to the contribution of his skills in the game. He created an instant impact as he provided a head start for the team of England in the Under 20 World Rugby Championship. The hosts were able to get the best of their opponent team as a result of the opening try. They were able to record bonus points as well. It was the first day of the tournament and England obtained a head start in the games. Nott was able to get the home party to an advantageous position as he launched his opening try in the first five minutes into the game. That helped the others to follow suit who were encouraged with the skills and power of George. This escalated to the team winning comfortably against their opponents.