Castleford, the Super league leaders released a statement last Friday which made known the fact that their dispute with Sale as well as Solomona and Andrew Clarke, his agent had been settled.

The dispute which was heading towards trial had made a U-turn after the defendants made an offer to settle out of the courts, paying compensation and submitting to a costs order.

The row between both teams came after Solomona left Castleford in a cross-code switch to the Sharks.

And while Sale insisted they had broken no rules in acquiring the wing, Castleford made their own arguments stating that the player had breached his contract by walking out of the club.

Castleford’s solicitor, Richard Cramer, said:

“This case has proved that rugby union clubs cannot without penalty just recruit a retired rugby league player who has walked out on his contract. The message is that negotiations have to be conducted through the front door.”

On Wednesday, a lengthy statement was released by Sale where they made their argument insisting that the player had not breached his contract. They also stated that no precedent had been set following their settlement with the Tigers.

They also declared their delight at the court case being resolved on what they called “favourable terms” for the club.

In the statement, Sale went on making a few things clear. They stated that the settlement sum accepted by Castleford was same with what had been offered by them to purchase Solomona.

The club thus emphasized that the last ten months had been an unnecessary distraction for both sides as nothing exactly was achieved by the court case.

In the end, the negative achievements from the court case were the time wasted and legal fees which also affected both sides.