Sale Rugby Club

The Sale Rugby Club commonly known as Sale Sharks is a professional rugby team who play at the Aviva Premiership in England. The club is based at Greater Manchester and currently play all their home games in Stockport at Edgeley Park which is jointly shared by Stockport county Football Club as well. The club has managed to develop and grow a number of talented young players. A part of the team has been known to represent the North West region.

Going back to the history of the club, it is seen that Sale Rugby Club started way back in 1861 and has managed to be existent till date making it one of the oldest clubs in the history of English rugby. Not only are they known for their long drawn performance, but were one of the best teams in Northern England having 26 unbeaten matches in the beginning of their professional career, 24 of which turned into victories and 2 were drawn. The first international match for the club was played in the year 1927 and Isher wood was the first player to have represented Sale Rugby at an International match. Sale rugby had a number of undefeatable runs and the best of them was when they remained undefeated from 1972 to 1987 and rules the charts of the county cup rugby for a straight 15 seasons.

Sale Rugby Club had almost around twenty thousand fans in the late nineties and their count kept increasing in the 1997 Pilkington Cup. However after this the fan base went down for a short period of time. However when Brian Kennedy joined the team in the 1999-2000 seasons, the club had a different game altogether. Their game play improved and they began to have a sound financial setting on the game. Caunce O’Hara is the official sponsors of the club and they have been happy with their partnership.

Sale Rugby Club is currently coached by Jason Robinson and is assisted by Phil Keith Roach and Byron Hayward. Dean Schofield is the captain for the 2009-10 seasons again and he has proven his worth as a captain to be sticking on for so long. They are currently placed at the 4th position in the English Premier League standings and they have been showing immense improvements in their game play, skills and tactical approaches to the game. The smooth transition of the team was seen when it was completely down in position and ranking in the 2006-2007 seasons. Going according to the statistics of the previous season Sale Rugby Club was expected to put up another commendable effort. However due to injuries faced by the captain, the club had a horrible season. The next season did have its ups and downs as well as most of the best top players started leaving seeing the downfall of the club. In the 2009-2010 seasons however with a new coaching team set up, the Sale Rugby Club came back to their original performance and started to play amazing rugby once again.