Jason Robinson’s Winning Try Sale Sharks v. Bath

Sale Sharks Video Rating: four / five


  1. euanno says:

    i like jason robinson but did the ball touch the ground

  2. dawnofownage says:

    that prop was pace.

  3. sportstumpy says:

    I love that last quote ‘They’ll say you couldn’t of scripted it, but with Jason Robinson, maybe you could’

  4. jay12794 says:

    how we miss jason! i’d love to have him back as sales 15! best full back ever!

  5. xXMaTjAmTaYXx says:

    he coaches me at fylde and he said i was very good and had it in me to be a rugby player :O

  6. owensamrob says:

    @31lafouine You dont have to be english to respect a great player.

  7. Stratticus93 says:

    barnes celebration LOL, i bet he has been wanting to do that haha, what a ledge

  8. 31lafouine says:

    I’m French but I think he is a great player

  9. schnozz87 says:

    David Barnes aint slow is he?

  10. mancingeordieland says:

    one of the greatest players to ever wear the shirt of sale, still greatly missed on the pitch at edgeley billy whizz, can never be replaced

  11. Ammonisthebest says:

    @cyRilBaggins i did aswell, im australian

  12. cyRilBaggins says:

    I’m Welsh so have no affinity with either England or Sale but I got tingles watching Robinson go over at the end.
    He really is one of the greatest rugby players in history, for both codes of the game.

  13. TheTotalRugby says:

    barnes the prop what a try!! lol

  14. GrungeRocker1000 says:


  15. RuFFNuTTProductionz says:

    Love his volley hit… Jason Robinson is the shit!

  16. antonio0914gameiro says:

    jason robinson is the best player of the all world

  17. jimbobjimminy says:

    Best. Player. Ever

    League and Union.

  18. MrZazarugby says:

    sagoool jason

  19. salepwnurass says:

    same i went and bloody hell wt a gd try lol

  20. RugbyLew1 says:

    Sale, Sale, Sale
    I went to this game
    Well done Robinson
    good game 😀

  21. Mussonator says:

    so true; but seemed to lose so many recently.

    tigers have it for consistency, hence we won last year

  22. Slinny12 says:

    Sale had a couple of years of an amazing team…
    Sheridan, Bruno, both Lobbe’s, Lund, White, Chabal, Peel, hodgson, Cueto, Mcallsiter, Foden, Lamont, Robinson, Tait etc…

    Hence we won the Premiership in 2006

  23. vinniechan says:

    they had one hell of a back row in Jason White – Magnus Lund – Chabal when they were all at their peak

  24. vinniechan says:

    But his power to size ratio is unbelievable

  25. badongdi says:

    yea but he is not as powerfull as lomu but deffinatly much better than him